College Virgin Votes Trump

It’s been nearly four years since Donald Trump was elected President of the United States and you can still feel the shockwaves rumbling across the “land of the free” as unemployment, Most recently, 26-year-old virgin Mickey Pugnuts expressed his frustrations online in a heated status about his vote for President Trump. “Katie Gardner you fat piece of shit I hate you. I voted for Trump … Continue reading College Virgin Votes Trump

Appropriate Halloween Costumes For The Whites

It’s October again, a time for candy, pumpkin spice, and racist little white kids dressing up as people of color instead of sticking to their fucking race. So Lousy Human is sifting through all the stupid pale Moana’s and cracker-ass Black Panthers to show you some socially acceptable costumes for whites, allowing them to stay in their fucking lane and not ruffle any feathers. 1. … Continue reading Appropriate Halloween Costumes For The Whites