College Virgin Votes Trump

It’s been nearly four years since Donald Trump was elected President of the United States and you can still feel the shockwaves rumbling across the “land of the free” as unemployment,

Most recently, 26-year-old virgin Mickey Pugnuts expressed his frustrations online in a heated status about his vote for President Trump.

“Katie Gardner you fat piece of shit I hate you. I voted for Trump because of you and now you don’t even speak to me?? WTF! I’M ABOUT TO LOSE MY INSURANCE!” The frustrated Pugnuts vented on Facebook. “I hope you get a COVID induced stroke you sweaty bitch. Then your dumbass can dribble all over your medical bills. I hope Kylie makeup looks good lopsided, you hoe. Fall of a horse. #FDT”

When Jalen Lambsy asked, “Who hurt you?”

All Mickey could reply was, “Pussy.”

Mickey Pugnut’s is a reminder to us all to vote with our brains and our hearts, but never our genitalia.

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