Drunk Mother Applauds Herself For Being So Thrifty In the Kitchen

On the night of January 24th, Mary Romeo, 56 came home from a night out with some of the ladies from work. “I was so fucking drunk. Karen from Human Resources has been up everyone’s ass for the last month trying to get people to stop smoking pot in the parking lot and doing coke in the bathroom, so we really needed a night out,” … Continue reading Drunk Mother Applauds Herself For Being So Thrifty In the Kitchen

Horoscopes: November 2020

Aries: You may feel like a snail emerging from its shell.But, that’s just a dull illusion of a twisted reality. Quit your job and NEVER LEAVE HOME AGAIN. Taurus: Your boisterous, generous attitude is inspiring and welcomed by others. Who does that bitch Kathy at the office think she is to turn her nose up to your homemade queso? She can go right along and … Continue reading Horoscopes: November 2020

College Virgin Votes Trump

It’s been nearly four years since Donald Trump was elected President of the United States and you can still feel the shockwaves rumbling across the “land of the free” as unemployment, Most recently, 26-year-old virgin Mickey Pugnuts expressed his frustrations online in a heated status about his vote for President Trump. “Katie Gardner you fat piece of shit I hate you. I voted for Trump … Continue reading College Virgin Votes Trump

Horoscopes: September 2020

Aries: Both your love life and connections to you colleagues are on the agenda this week. The HR receptionist knows that you called her a “stupid cunt” behind her back and your boyfriend found you while cheating on Tinder. Have fun with that shit! Taurus: Expect to fall in love at first sight today, just don’t spend over $250 at the strip club. Your mom … Continue reading Horoscopes: September 2020