Richard Spencer Releases Not So Fire Mixtape

Out of what is believed to be sheer desperation, alt-right leader and white supremacist Richard Spencer is releasing a mixtape in hopes of branching out into newer and younger audiences. In a Word document believed to be stolen from Spencer’s personal computer, Reddit user BigJugsOnMyMug released a track list from the six song EP set to come out next month. The track list is as follows:

  1. Proud Boy
  2. Hitler was a Great Guy (And Right About Everything)
  3. 8 More Years (Trump Family Forever)
  4. Stackin’ Slaves (1788)
  5. All Mexicans are Illegal
  6. Stand Your Ground

People are already offended and one of our staff writers here at the Lousy Human has already killed themselves. When asked for a comment, one of Mr. Spencer’s representatives said, “This shit is going to be fire, yo. We’re going to show all those cucks and jews out there what GREAT America really looks like.”

We will be right here to cringe along with you.

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