“We’ve Got Your Six” Says Family of Fallen Bootlicker

The family of a local mourns the loss of a former Hot Springs, Arkansas police sergeant, Mark Miller who died of COVID-induced heart complications while screaming at an Applebee’s waitress for not adding enough fries to his riblet platter. 

“He was a proud racist, raging alcoholic, and powerful domestic abuser, and I’m proud to call him my dad,” a hysterical Tanner Miller cried at the sky in front of local news reporters. “WE’VE GOT YOUR SIX POP!” 

As an officer, Mark Miller spent 21 of his 30 years on the force under investigation for allegations of police brutality, unlawful search and seizures, wrongful imprisonment, and was involved in the deaths of 27 minority men. Most of those in the city referred to him as a “terror to the community”.

“My father, who is now at the right hand of our lord and savior, Jesus Christ, dedicated his life to protecting his community and his country,” Sarahanne Miller said. “Each day, he put his life on the line to take dangerous thugs, drug dealers, and illegal alien rapists off the streets. But now, thanks to the Chinese and their China virus, another brave soldier of our streets is gone. And I swear to God, Donald Trump will make them pay.” 

Donald Trump has yet to comment on whether or not the Chinese “will pay” for the officer’s loss.

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