Derek Chauvin Defense Issues Final Statement “Goodluck in Jail”

On the final day of the Derek Chauvin trial for the murder of George Floyd on May 25, 2020, the former police officer’s defense team issued one final statement. The defense, which has featured a variety of antics, excuses, and lies came to a conclusion with one final remark.

“Today, we’d like to thank all of you on the jury for being here with us as we fight for truth and to preserve the name of our client, former MPD officer, Derek Chauvin. Before we conclude our defense we’d like to say what a pleasure it has been to get absolutely fucking embarrassed up here day in and day out. By our witnesses and that of the prosecutors. Just fundamentally handing us our asses day-in and day-out. I’ve never been more ashamed to be a layer, that is if I could feel any emotion at all.

So, in front of everyone here in the courtroom today and those of you watching at home, I’d like to tell Derek to have fun in prison. Not even white supremacy and a racist society can keep you from going to jail, brother. You’re guilty as shit. No doubt about it. And they all think that too.

Good luck in jail. I’d say the money was worth it, but the amount of death threats my family and I will continue to get for the rest of our lives as a result of this has already taken its toll on my marriage, and will be divorcing from my fucking bitch wife, Leslie on Friday with no custody of the children.

And after this is all said and done, I look forward to sitting alone in my new studio apartment thinking about all our conversations and how we schemed to get you off over a KFC bowl before the sweet release of my grandpa’s Colt 45 ends my existence. Don’t come looking for me in Hell, Derek. I love you. We could’ve been together you fucking piece of shit. I loved you.”

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