Floridians Line Up To Have Cops Spit In Their Mouths

As Florida Governor Ron DeSantis aims to invite unvaccinated law enforcement officers removed from cities like New York, Minneapolis, and Seattle for a $5,000 bonus, his constituents line up to greet them. Floridians have begun waiting at the border and in the airports to support the #PoliceMe movement. 

A growing number of conservatives have joined the movement to show their appreciation for the “anti-woke” officers. Some lick their boots clean, while others offer their mouths as the cop’s spittoon. But, none are more enthusiastic about the cause than those who directly offer their butt cheeks up to the new deputies. 

“Nothing makes me happier than servicing the officers that help keep our culture safe,” said Karen Klansman. “They make sure our children are safe from black gangs and illegals Biden is letting into the country.” 

Proud patriots across the country have been tipping their hats to the residents of Florida. Many are trying to show their appreciation to those in their community. One Denver man was arrested for attempting to perform oral sex on an officer in broad daylight.

“No thank you or nothing,” told Arnold Coplouver. “All he said was ‘get off me, faggot’ and push me down.”

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