Angel Reese Clears Up Clark Finger Drama

LSU Basketball star Angel Reese has been under a media firestorm for what some called a classless gesture to Iowa star point guard Caitlin Clark.

Reese turned to Clark and pointed to her ring finger at the closing moments of the NCAA Women’s National Championship game. The immediate interpretation was that Reese was alluding to the championship ring.

However, the incident appears to be a misunderstanding. Reese was not gesturing to her ring finger to chide Clark. Reese says she was making a strong demand to her boyfriend sitting courtside — Clark was just inconveniently in the way.

“I have been with my boyfriend for a long time, and he was sitting courtside. I wanted to send him a message that it’s past time for us to make a serious commitment. I want to be engaged. And I better have his ring before my championship ring comes in.”

Surprised to hear Reese had a long-term beaux, reporters immediately asked what the young man’s name was; Reese nervously replied, “Dominic… Glass. Yeah, Dominic Glass! He is the grandson of Greek shipping magnate George Glass who is the Husband of Author Jan Brady. It’s a prestigious family.”

Reese was upset that everyone thought that she was mocking an admirable opponent. She even went on to praise Clark and finally put to end the rumors that a feud might be brewing between the two-star athletes. 

“I would never do anything mean to Caitlin. She’s a great player and a warrior. It’s all love between us,” Reese went on to say. 

The LSU star even said that in the handshake line, she asked Clark if she wanted to join her on a girl’s trip she and her sorority sisters are taking to Cabo. Clark was said to have graciously declined the offer citing her busted tractor fixing schedule back home in Iowa. “These John Deere’s, ain’t gonna change their oil themselves,” the star guard quipped. “God, I’m lonely.”

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