Easy (And Spooky) Ways To Threaten And Intimidate Your Coworkers

Autumn is back, the air is chilly, and Halloween pranks are upon us! 

One easy way to bring a little bit more “spook” into your life is by jesting with coworkers. They’re a part of your everyday life. May as well enjoy the season with them! 

While putting a candy bowl on your desk is one easy way to bring the fall spirit to the workplace, there are a few other tactics you can try to bring some playfulness to the office. 

Here are seven simple ways to bring the Halloween vibes to your workplace (all in the name of good fun, of course)! 

1. Speak only in a whisper. When your coworkers lean in to try to understand what you’re saying, start mouthing your words. Get very frustrated when they assert that you aren’t speaking loud enough. Tell them they aren’t speaking loud enough. It’s them. It’s always been them. 

2. Lock all the doors from the inside and hide the keys in the safe you have located in your desk drawer. When someone runs to your door, panicked and concerned about how to get out, lean back and say, “I have the way out, but you have to pay me $1,000 before I allow you to go free. If you do not pay me the money by the end of the day, things are going to get much, much worse.” 

3. Wear a silly costume to work on Fridays in October. 

4. Start a fire in your boss’s car. 

5. Blow up balloons and then pop them while shrieking as loud as you can. 6. Pretend to faint in the hallway. When a coworker notices you, spit up fake blood that you have had concealed in your mouth. Lay there and do not move, even when the ambulance comes. 

7. Place a gummy worm on your coworker’s chair! Ew! 

Every workplace needs a little extra fun. Use these ideas to maximize your giggles this Halloween season!

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