10 Mantras For When The Impending Collapse Of The Earth Makes You Feel Really, Really So Incredibly Bad

Repeat these mantras in the mirror when the existential dread begins to consume your every waking moment. Change your vibes and your life, girl! 

  1. I am safe. This mantra effectively secures and grounds your physical body, calming the nervous system. 
  2. I am happy. Remind yourself that your innermost self is rooted in happiness. Even if you seem unhappy, you’re not, duh. That’d be stupid.
  3. Everything happens for a reason. You’re free from wracking your brain to figure out why things happen. You trust that the Universe has your best interest at heart. 
  4. Let it be. Mmhmm. Yeah. Just let it. Let it sit there and die if you have to.
  5. Not my circus, not my monkeys. Even if it seems like something that is your responsibility, that’s just an illusion. You don’t have to get the kids to soccer practice. You don’t have to feed the baby. Remember: let it be. They’ll figure it out. 
  6. I cannot control what is going to happen, but I can control every carbohydrate that goes into my body. Green juice CAN fix this. Use my code D3LUSI0N at GreenJuiceBrain.com to get 20% off the best green juice in the business!
  7. Nothing is anything ever, and I am free from thinking about things that aren’t fierce. What is “is”? Also, what is “isn’t”? You don’t have to live in the is or the isn’t, babe. Fierceness is your only focus. 
  8. I live in a fog of confusion that is so overwhelming that I cannot interpret the situation correctly. Accepting your confusion is the first step to creating a magical life. Do not take responsibility for things. You’re just a silly lady! What are you supposed to do about it?
  9. IT IS OK THAT I ROBBED A BANK. It’s fine that you did that. Don’t feel bad. 
  10. Love and light. Self-explanatory <3 <3 <3 <3

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