Unaired He Gets Us Super Bowl Commercial

In 2023, people are more divided than ever before. People are lost, angry, and morally confused. Christianity is under attack. And those who follow the true word of God are being persecuted like never before. 

But when our hour seems to be at its darkest, we must turn to the Light, the Jesus Light, and remember: He Gets Us.

Jesus, Gets Us. 

When we scream about Jews being evil and ruling the world, He Gets Us.

When we say queer children shouldn’t exist, He Gets Us.

When we call trans people and drag queens “groomers” and say they should be executed, He Gets Us.

When we excuse poverty and homelessness as lazy lib shit, He Gets Us.

When we murked a cop trying to overthrow the U.S. government, He Gets Us.

When we cry that age of consent laws are too low, and M&M’s just aren’t fuckable anymore, He Gets Us.

When we will slob the knob of any white Christo-fascist, or Neo-Nazi because they say they love Jesus, He Gets Us.

He Gets ALL of Us. 

In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

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