American Themed Gun Café Opening In Japan

Japan is known for its many wildly themed cafés, such as those with exotic animals like otters or baby Godzillas, or their maid cafés with various types of maids ranging from schoolgirl servants to muscle maid mommies. 

But now Japanese locals and tourists alike will be able to have a new kind of Patriotic experience at Japan’s newest themed café, the American Gun Café! 

Patrons can get up close and personal with all the firearms, blickys, and blam-os they’ve only seen on the big screen but are commonly owned in homes and used throughout classrooms throughout the United States. Guests can hold it, point it at their friends and family, and pull the trigger (without any of the consequences).

But things heat up when doors slam open, and the violence begins! Cafégoers must run, duck, and beg for their pathetic little lives during the American Shooter Escape Room Experience! 

Witness all the horror of losing everyone around you with only a fraction of the mental trauma as actors throughout the café put on the show of a lifetime, recreating a preventable bloodbath with that U, S, of A charm. You’ll be tasked with gathering your wits and those in your party that are still alive and escape before the shooter gets you too! 

Those who escape will be given nothing. Only the weakest of thoughts and prayers that can never recover what was lost, leaving just an empty hole where your respect for society once occupied. 

So, do you have what it takes? Say Konnichiwa April 2023!

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