NYPD Prepares for ‘Hog Invasion’ Ahead of Trump Arrest

On Sunday, Donald Trump sounded the alarm that New York prosecutors would look to arrest and put the former President in handcuffs. Soon after, Donald Jr and Eric Trump echoed their father on their social media accounts, and a few right-wing politicians and political commentators soon followed. 

Today, The New York Police Department was seen setting up for what they’re calling “an invasion of hogs” to swarm the city on Tuesday.

“It’s everything you’ve seen from our department before with slight modifications,” Officer Tony Bologna said. “We’re ready to corral and silo them as they try to navigate unfamiliar terrain, but we’ve also set up box, and cage traps with Fox News playing and spread of canned cheese, pickles, and room temperature Vienna sausages. These modifications come from new insights about the group we’re up against.” 

Bologna signaled that most of the NYPD needed to be talked down from taking up arms and charging the courthouse themselves.

“Whatever happens tomorrow could range from a nothing burger, with now paranoid Trump supporters worried heading to protest might be a fed trap, to a full-blown act of domestic terror. But, whatever happens, we know we will be ill-prepared.”

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