Biden Thought Issuing A “Veto” Meant Writing To Vito Corleone

After nearly three years in office, President Biden issued his first Veto. However, the President mistakenly thought that a presidential veto was a letter the President got to write to the fictional “The Godfather” character Vito Corleone. 

“He’s one of my favorite historical figures of all time!” exclaimed the President. “I always wanted to ask him what his cat’s name was.” Biden counted his blessings and good fortunes at getting to meet yet another one of his heroes.

“Ted Lasso came all the way from Richmond, England, to visit me the other day, and it looks like Vito Corleone is coming next; being President is nifty, ” said the Commander-in-Chief.

Though overjoyed at the prospect of corresponding with the head of the Corleone Crime Family, President Biden is cognisant that having a reputed Mob boss might be cause for alarm. 

“Folks, here’s the deal. Does Mr. Corleone have a shady past filled with criminal activity? Of course, but so did the last guy who had my job,” Biden quipped. 

Biden also reinforced that Mr. Corleone is a prime example of the American dream—an immigrant who came to this country with nothing and created his own successful business. The President even commended Mr. Corleone for surviving an assassination attempt, saying he was “tougher than Corn Pop.” 

President Biden was said to be heartbroken and even despondent when told what an actual “veto” was said under his breath. “They never let you do anything fun around here.”

He was later taken out for an ice cream cone for the confusion.

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