Bigot Beer

If you’re a fragile homophobe, who’s been spiraling since Bud Light sponsored Dylan Mulvaney, Inbred Brewing Co. created your craft beer safe space. Introducing Bigot Beer, the world’s first openly racist and homophobic alcoholic beverage. 

Each lead can of Bigot Beer has deep racial bias, bold self-hatred, and strong notes of religious and sexual guilt that are anything but refreshing. And each sip will give you brain damage! 

Don’t believe us? Take it from our sponsor, New York Representative George Santos! 

“Bigot Beer goes against mine and my husband’s best interest, and I love it. It’s the perfect beer for sitting by the pool this summer after a long week of removing rights from people in groups I pretend not to be a part of!” 

So don’t wait! Drive your golf cart, pick-up truck, or mobile home to your nearest Walmart and  taste the hate with a six-pack of Bigot Beer for only $29.99. One dollar of each pack sold goes towards funding the South Florida Nazis who scream at Jewish people in their cars.

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