How To Battle A Poorly Timed Ego Death

So you took the mushrooms and your demons showed up. But who else arrived? Your parents, for the dinner party you scheduled weeks ago. Fuck.

What do you do when you’re battling the epitome of your consciousness, trying to evolve and actualize into the most developed version of yourself, all the while your mother is asking if you’ve started on the mashed potatoes?

You have four choices:

  1. Honesty. Tell your parents that the voices are loud, and you can’t even see the world that you’ve been living in for the past 25 years, let alone prepare dinner. I can’t explain it but things are going to be better from now on, you whisper to your very confused father.
  2. Set boundaries. Explain to them that it’s ok if they have dinner at your home, but you are feeding your eternal vessel, so you will not be present for the meal. You will be radiating from the living room and they can ask you if they can’t find the oregano.
  3. Lead them into ego death alongside you. Ask questions that rattle their sense of reality. Are you sure that you’re at my house? Are you really frustrated with me for being high or are you frustrated with yourself for waking up every day and tolerating a loveless marriage? These questions will trigger a sense of community and shared vulnerability. Everyone wins.
  4. Realize you aren’t dying, you’re already dead. Whatever happens is simply vibes. And you shall vibe them.

It’s a tough situation when your parents walk in on your human consciousness collapsing, but if you use my tips and tricks, you’re sure to overcome it.

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