Middle School Boy Finds Out Fight You Don’t Want To Win

Cameron Dante had enough of being bullied.

“Each day, I’d come to school, and he would immediately start picking on me,” Cameron explained. “It didn’t matter what he made fun of me for yesterday, and he was going to find something new to make fun of me for no matter what I did. I changed my clothes, my shoes, my hair, the way I talked, but nothing worked.”

Disheartened by the treatment he was receiving from his classmate, Dante had enough.
“My mom always yelled at me not to fight, and that violence was never the answer,” he said. “But, that day in science he said the dried skin around my mouth from my acne medication looked like dried jizz and that I had been giving blowjobs out before class.”

Angry and embarrassed Cameron decided to stand up for himself, tosses the bullies backpack to the front of the room; a confrontation that got the boys separated for the remainder of the class.
“I was still so mad that when the bell rang I had to do something, so I pushed him.”

Now with the entire 7th-grade watching, the 11-year-old decided it was the day to change the way his classmates and bullies viewed him.

“Everybody was yelling ‘fight, fight, fight,’ and I felt like I could finally stand up to him.”

But one minute, and four punches later, Cameron’s bully was on the ground in a fetal position, calling off the fight.

“I looked up, and everyone just looked kind of disappointed or weirded out and moved away quickly.”

Teachers soon rushed to his bully’s aid, picking up the child and his crutches.

“Now, everyone is acting like I’m the bad guy for standing up for myself and nobody wants to talk to me.”

Because of Cameron’s bully’s mobility impairment, his victory seemed more like a personal defeat for him in the eyes of his classmates.

“Like nobody wants to talk to him now after he beat up that crippled kid,” one classmate explained. “You can’t go around fighting disabled kids and expect it to go well.”

Now labeled an outcast, Cameron will return to school, but from home.

“I just hope we can all move passed this and get Cameron the right education he needs,” his mother explained. “An education filled with Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit as we pray to God something like this never happens again.”

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