Friend Group Welcomes Friend’s Transition, Argues Who Gets To Hit First

A friend group from West Palm Beach, Florida has plunged into an intense debate regarding their friend’s transition from male to female.

The friends, now on the brink of fallout, are engaged in a heated argument over which of the remaining four get to have sex with their newly transition friend first.

“The homies always suck each others dicks, but this is a first, truly uncharted territory,” one of the men explained. “Now that one of us is about to have a new hole to have sex with, the question of who gets to hit first. Personally, as the leader of the group, I think it should be me, give my friend the old rootin’ tootin’.”

But, others disagree.

“I’ve known her since the 3rd grade when we played little league together. As the friend who has know her the longest, it’s only right that I’m the first to eat that new puss.”

And for some this has been an eye-opening display of entitlement.

“I don’t know where they all got the idea that just because I’m getting a vagina means I will have sex with them. I wouldn’t fuck those little-dicked fools if I were the last shemale on earth.”

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