For The Love Of God, Please Stop Vaping Melatonin

How the fuck did melatonin vaporizers even get past the idea phase? Sold as “melatonin diffusers,” dumb Americans are sucking of vaporized melatonin to get a better night’s rest. And I have never wanted to live less in my entire life. 

Has this even been tested? Or are we going to witness before our eyes the devastating effects that smoking melatonin probably has on someone’s body?

Don’t even fucking think about it.

If you or a loved one have ever thought about vaping melatonin to go to sleep, tell them just to do drugs. They’re right there. Just nudge them in the right direction. Weed is legal medically and recreationally in most of the country and they need to grow up.

So, stop it, you fucking animals. For the love of God, stop vaping melatonin. Or vape it all and sleep forever.

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