Hunter Biden Keeps Looking Cooler as More Laptop Photos Leak

In yet another failed attempt to humiliate President Joseph Robinette, GOP slanderers have released additional laptop photos of Hunter Biden looking cool as fuck. 

“If you thought the last photo of Hunter Biden getting his dick sucked by a prostitute while smoking crack at the Ritz made him look fucking awesome,” drooled some right-wing dickhead with absolutely zero bitches on Newsmax. “ Wait until you see him in a threesome with two hookers while he’s doing coke of one’s tits and blowing the others back out. Now, that’ll make you think.” 

Only time will tell what other photos will surface as conservatives desperately attempt to find anything less badass on Hunter’s now-infamous laptop. For now, we’re all just left to bask in the king-ery that is the President’s son.

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