Tucker Carlson and Don Lemon to Team Up for New Show

After being let go by their respective news networks, Tucker Carlson and Don Lemon will team up on a new show that begins next week. “Wake up YouTube” will air live at 9:00 am and alternate between Lemon’s veranda in Washington D.C. and Carlson’s basement in Woodstock, Maine.

Critics wonder if men with such differing opinions as Carlson and Lemon could be cordial enough to co-host a show with one another. However, the show’s producers believe that’s what will bring audiences in.  

“The show will have a crisp adversarial feel to it, sorta in the vein of ‘The Odd Couple’ or for our younger viewers, ‘The Real Housewives of Atlanta,'” said executive producer Clara Clarkson.

The rundown of the inaugural show was made available to the media and goes as follows: 

Wake Up YouTube 

9:00: Show intro – Blaring alarm clock graphic/title card flashes on the screen as Don and Tucker yell, “Wake up, YouTube slackers!” they repeat this for five continuous minutes. 

9:05: Tucker and Don discuss how their evenings went and make veiled innuendos concerning each other’s sexual orientation and lack of fashion sense.  

9:20: The first guest is introduced – My Pillow CEO Mike Lindell. 

9:22: The second guest introduced – Bud Light’s Latest Endorsement, Dylan Mulvaney.

9:24: Lindell and Dylan Mulvaney are made to wrestle in a mud pit while Carlson and Lemon take bets from the live stream audience.

9:45: The winner is declared, the bets are cashed out, and the victor gets to co-host the last 15 minutes of the show with Tucker and Don. 

9:50: Tucker and Don simultaneously rant about Kaitlan Collins and the Green M&M, respectively.

9:55: Both anchors sob uncontrollably. 

9:59: Mike Lindell comes back on to join Dylan in closing out the show because Tucker and Don are still crying. 

10:00: Show credits roll 

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