Black Players Flourishing Under NBA’s Diversity Program

In a move to promote racial unity within the ranks of professional sports, the NBA is pleased with the effects of its diversity program.

“It’s really remarkable to see said,” said NBA Commissioner Adam Silver.

“We wanted to make a concerted effort to show African Americans that they, too, had a place in today’s NBA. The community’s response has been great; we hope to see the game flourish in communities of color nationwide.”

Black NBA players such as LeBron James, Wardell “Steph” Curry, and fashion enthusiast James Harden have brought a distinct flare and intensity to on-court competition.

It’s hard to deny the impact of the NBA’s diversity program, and its catchy slogan, “Once you go, Black, you don’t go back,” displayed on every court, says all one needs to know about where the NBA wants to go as a league.

Black or partially Black players have led the league in nearly every statistical category, including points per game, assists, blocks, steals, and minutes played. Perhaps the program’s biggest accomplishment was Joel Embid of the Philadelphia Seventy-sixers being named MVP and, in the process, breaking the stranglehold White player Nikola Jokić had over the award.

Commissioner Silver went on to commend White players around the league, like Jokić, for being so welcoming to their Black counterparts.

“It shows real maturity to embrace people of a different background with open arms, said Silver. It makes me so proud to be the commissioner of such a progressive league.”

Other leagues have taken notice and are looking to follow the NBA’s league and implement its own diversity programs. It’s rumored that the NHL plans on creating a program called “Maple Leafs Matter” to introduce the game of Hockey to a Canadian audience. 

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