Focus Group Uneasy With ‘Young Sheldon’ Where Youngster Becomes a Meth Kingpin

CBS executives were taken aback when a recent focus group participant called out the network on a yet-to-be-air episode of ‘Young Sheldon. The controversial episode sees the title character use his intellect to corner the Meth market in his small Texas town.

“I really don’t think that’s in the spirit of what the show is about,” said Edna Reynolds of Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin.

“We watch ‘Young Sheldon’ for the lighthearted entertainment and the wholesome family values, not this, I just can’t stop thinking about how he ran over his friend with his Dad’s car when he didn’t pay up on time,” she said.

“These blue hairs need to get over it, I think it’s damn good entertainment,” said Nelson Willy, head of CBS’ family programming division.

“If we were HBO, we wouldn’t be getting any flack. Hell, we would get an Emmy.”

Willy went on to say that the episode was the start of a 5 episode arc that sees Young Sheldon using his vast intellect to manufacture and traffic drugs to save the family home and afford a trip to space camp.

Ultimately CBS decided to scrap the controversial storyline. With the Writer and Actor’s union strike continuing, it will be some time until fans can see what the lovable young genius will get into next.

“Maybe we can have him enter the school talent show and sing a … I don’t even know why I bother with this bullshit,” I should have stayed in law school, said an exasperated Willy.

“AMC turns America’s favorite Dad into a drug lord, and they get praised. We can’t do the same thing with an 11-year-old kid? I don’t know what kind of country we’re living in. I’m just glad Sinéad O’Connor isn’t alive to see this.”

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