Donald Trump Already Dead and Replaced with Clone

New documents obtained from inside the deep state reveal that Former/Current Donald Trump has been killed by the United States Shadow Government and has been replaced by a clone!

The biological being surrendering themselves to the Fulton County Sheriff’s Office on August, 28th, 2023 is NOT, we repeat, IS NOT, the former president. It is a clone created by a semen sample stolen in his sleep by Barack Obama. And we have the transcripts to prove it!

“Obama: I needed the DNA, current President Joe Biden. There was no other way to get it.

Biden: Are you sure there wasn’t any other way, Former President Jack?

Obama: It’s Barack. And no, Joe. There was no other way. The only way to get Donald’s DNA was to sneak into Mar-A-Largo, crawl under the cover, and milk his HUGE hog. After planting those classified documents, of course.

Biden: Of course. Did you get and of the Barron’s ‘DNA’ for me?”

And it only gets worse from there! Real sick pedo-vampire operation going on here. If only Alex Jones was still in their way.

The leak also state that once released, the “Donald Trump” mugshot will act as a symbol for the deep state to begin plan Anti-Christ and reign in eternal darkness over the earth as it is consumed by hell. All but those who achieve salvation will be raptured to Heaven where Donald is currently practicing preparing plans with Jesus for a Holy War.

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