Donald Trump Threatens Suicide If He Loses To Joe Biden

Dear You Dirty Fucking Slut,

Is this how you are going to our relationship? REALLY? By cheating on me with Joe Biden? Wow!

Truly a coward move, America. I’ve given you the last four years of my life, giving up my businesses, took a gigantic shit on my family name that will last for generations, and you’re going to dribble on the balls of Sleep Joe? Sad! Enjoy the AIDS! Because that’s what you get with Sleepy Joe, a nice big box of aids, and riots and looting by Antifa TERRORISTS!

If you choose him over me, you won’t have to worry about bumping into me in New York or Maralargo because you will never see or speak to me again.

If I lose your love, I will kill myself within a day. Very sad. But, it couldn’t be avoided if you force my hand—good luck living with yourself after in the socialist hellhole of your own creation.

Goodbye forever,

Donald J. Trump

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