Practical Jokes That Cops Love

Do you know what cops are known for? That’s right! Their sense of humor. Do you know what that means? Cops love jokes. And not just any old jokes. Police officers love to get in on the action and be the center of a good old-fashioned practical joke! To show you how to get in on some family-friendly fun with the boys in blue, here is a list of practical jokes that cops absolutely love!

Hide and Go Seek

Have you ever seen a police officer who was juiced to the gills, muscles bulging everywhere, and can barely fit into his bulletproof vest? Go right up behind that fucker and slap him right in the rear end. Then take off running and let the fun begin. The hard part is getting past his initial taser fire if he does go right for the heavy artillery and start laying rounds off into your sorry ass. But, once you make it past that initial phase, you’re ready to commence with a good old fashioned game of hide and seek. He will be so eager to see you he will rush over to hug you. For extra excitement, start the game by borrowing the officer’s car!

Pretending to Commit Crimes

Another great prank that cops love is when you pretend to commit crimes in front of them. Want to trick an officer in your area? Pretend that you are conducting a drug deal just yards away from them. Or run-up to your buddy and pretend to start a knife fight with them. The officer will be absolutely tickled by your joke. Don’t be afraid to really push the envelope here. Don’t hesitate when you get comedic gold ideas such as coloring in the orange tip on your airsoft pistol and running full speed at a cop while wielding it recklessly.

Borrowing Their Equipment

This one is probably their absolute favorite! The trick is to be really quiet and unsuspecting, then sneak up behind them, take a piece of equipment and give it back before they kill you! For this reason, their gun is worth the most points. Be sure to work on you apologizing skills, though. Those that don’t get the gun have the highest chance of getting shot point blank in the face.

Loser’s obituary has to read, “Dumbass gets 360 no-scoped by police.”

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