Young Mother Accidentally Becomes World’s Most Famous Fetish Model

Luci Rameriez, 25, never imagined that she would be one of the most popular fetish models in the world when she started posting revealing breastfeeding photos on her personal Instagram account one year ago. But 365 days later, she is one of the most famous “mommy” performers on planet Earth.

“As a new mother, I found it difficult to continue posting “belfies” (selfies with your butt included) on my Instagram. Being a single mother, I craved the attention my butt pics would get me, and I needed something that would seem appropriate while still feeding my desire. So I posted my first “feeding” photo and the rest has been history.”

In just a few short months, Luci had gone from having 294 followers on Instagram to having more than 300,000 followers.

“The response was almost immediate and Onlyfans took off even faster. With the right hashtags, my first breastfeeding photo with a little side boob and some tasteful nipple got me over 200 likes within the first day. Though, some of the comments were a little weird. Horny men commenting things like ‘milky mommy’ and ‘man, I would love to be that baby’ on my post.”

From there the account grew and grew, and before she knew it, Luci had made nearly sixty thousand dollars in one month from her Instagram account.

“Before long, people were starting to ask if I had a Onlyfans account. At first, I wasn’t sure what that was, but I found out it’s pretty much a place to post content that maybe too risqué for Instagram and I saw dollar signs.”

After a few months, Luci was trapped in a hell of her own creation. Enslaved by the ridiculous sum of money being thrown her way, there was almost no request she was willing to turn down.

“At first the requests were odd but simple. Men would give me $100 and ask for a bottle of my breast milk or somebody would give me $200 to video myself drinking my own milk from a bottle.”

But then things got weird.

“Before I knew it, men were sending me thousands of dollars to be sent my poop in a Tupperware container. Some even gave me tens of thousands of dollars for “the works” (a Tupperware container with her pee, poop, vomit, and breastmilk all in one creepy combination).” She continued, “what they were doing with these containers I had no idea until one of my subscribers sent me a video of him eating it for lunch.”

And although her new career has been lucrative, the 25-year-old mother has trouble seeing a clear exit strategy from her current gig.

“The people and requests are at the point of seriously fucked up and deranged. I didn’t even know half of these subsets of fetishes existed until I was face to face, on the internet that is, with some of the craziest people on the planet.”

Today, she completes requests multiple times a day ranging from tame to clinically insane. And although entirely unsure of how long she can keep going, if able to withstand, she is set to retire by the time she’s 32 with $324 million in the bank.

“I just really hope reincarnation exists, because to be known as the breast milk poop lady isn’t exactly how I planned on leaving my mark on my only go around.”

Next week Lousy Human will cover how reincarnation is totally fucking fake, and this lady is going to be known as the “breastmilk-poop momma” for the remainder of the human race.

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