They’re Not Lazy, They’re Just Dead

To every crying conservative, centrist, and capitalist complaining that “there just aren’t enough people willing to work” or that “lazy people are sucking off the government tit” while claiming taxation is ultimately a form of theft, can rest assured knowing that people aren’t lazy, they’re just dead! That’s right. A whole 278,000 working-age Americans dropped dead in the last year and a half from a disease most of you downplay or deny exists (unless “illegals” are bringing it across the border).

Though you are fucked, and those piss-paying jobs you’re peddling will remain vacant for a while until children (400 of which have also died) are older enough to eat the shit of customer service for your going rate. In all actuality, people have moved on, upgraded, holding out for higher wages, or simply don’t live on the planet anymore. And at the end of the day, we’re all better off because of it.

So the next time you hear some right-wing dildo say anything about COVID, lazy workers, or people coming across the border with a virus they don’t believe in, cough right is they stupid slut mouth. Their thin-lipped, unvaccinated blowhole and hope for the worst.

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