Wage Workers Sell Spare Labor In The Metaverse

In order to make ends meet, low-income workers are selling their additional labor in the Metaverse to earn extra income.

“To cover the 30% rent increase my landlord surprised me with and afford not to starve to death, I started looking for another job, ” explained Cassandra Phukedbilif. “Now I use my company-given leisure time to bartend virtual occult sex parties in the Metaverse for Illuminati reptilians and crypto bros.”

These sinister gatherings have only grown in popularity since the global pandemic and the introduction of the Metaverse.

“I’ve seen simulated orgies and satanic rituals,” Martin Wilnevrecover said. “They ask to be served insane hors d’oeuvres like champagne glasses full of blood and orphan tears. Jay-Z and Beyonce specifically request that each of their events have ‘fecal-foods’ for guests to pretend enjoy.”

Many unregulated by any government, the parties pay each of their employees in the upcoming cryptocurrency, “Zuck Bucks,” that was recently introduced to the public. Each employee earns 75 ZBs or just below $3 for an hour of their time.

“The pay is low, but I will probably keep doing it for the time being until something better comes along because there wasn’t any cost to get started,” said Tim Pawningaim. “The day I was hired, an unmarked black box showed up at my door with a computer and VR equipment, along with a little capsule with a note that read, swallow in case of fed raid. And if that day ever happens, it’ll be a blessing.”

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