Trans One-Year-Old Totally Makes Her Own Decisions.

A transgender baby has been making headlines all across media platforms this week. The one-year-old’s mother has been traveling with her daughter around the country to tell her child’s story.

“One day, I was changing her diaper, and she looked at me and said ‘goo-goo, ga-ga,’ and I just knew that my baby was transgender,” Mary Middleton told reporters. “The look in her eyes just spoke to me and said ‘mom, I don’t want a penis and I don’t want to be Steven anymore; I want to be Sofia.'”

In response, the Middleton’s will soon begin extensive hormone therapy in the following weeks and start their daughter’s transition from male to female.

“The process is going to be long and difficult, and run us tens of thousands of dollars,” Mary said. “But, if it’s for our daughter’s happiness then it’s a sacrifice we’re willing to make.”

To prepare for her daughter’s transition, Mary has set up accounts across all social media platform to document her child’s path to happiness.

“You can follow Sophia on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram with the handle @TransBaby.” She continued, “There you can follow my brave little girl as she changes her life and her genitals.”

Sophia has already begun to accumulate an extensive fan base. Collecting more than 100,000 followers in only three weeks. Each week, Sofia gives her fans updates on her journey.

“Another week, another step closer to my WAP.”

“Transphobia has affected my view of the world since the day I was born.”


Mary hopes that by speaking on her daughter’s behalf, Sophia can be an inspiration to other trans babies looking to find their voice.

“If my baby can be an inspiration and change even just one baby’s life with her courage than it’ll all be worth it,” Middleton expressed. “Just one trans baby who doesn’t feel so alone in this cruel and fucked up world.”

When asked about the child’s situation, a Child Protective Services representative stated: “we’re going to arrest the parents. They’re going to jail immediately.”

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