Jeff Bezos Dismantling Working Class To Build His Own Country

In a recent announcement to Amazon shareholders, the company shared it will be working to dismantle the country’s working-class by the end of the year to make way for the Amazonian empire. Once complete, Jeff Bezos will assume his new position as CEO of the United States of Bezos, where the bottom 99% of his citizens will work to increase his wealth. 

Their days will be spent fulfilling orders for Amazon’s worldwide two-day shipping initiative. Which has been self-described as a way for the company to share its “gift with the world.”

Employees will now work 20 hours shift with one 4 hour “rest period” per day in the new seven-day production period. Diapers and feeding tubes will be given to each employee and added to their debt which they will be working to pay off. Cots, once earned, will be added to their debt and placed at their work station to limit commute time and housing expenses, leaving more room for more significant dividends.

Workers will not be permitted to leave the premises and relinquish all personal rights upon hire, which will be mandatory. 

Some analysts have described the oncoming capitalist hellscape as “an atrocity of unquantifiable magnitudes to the last threads of American freedom.” One that will drive human beings to be used and disposed of like tools. Driven to exhaustion and death to fill the pockets of a select few and enslave generations to come.  

But, others say it will be great for shareholders.

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