An Expectedly Unhinged Reaction to the FBI Raid on Mar-a-Largo from Marjorie Taylor Green

If anyone needed any more proof that the Joe Biden Administration is a left-wing radical Communist Socialist REGIME, Joe Biden’s tyrannical FBI just performed an ILLEGAL no-knock raid on President Trump’s beloved Mar-a-Largo. 

I have repeatedly talked about the coming civil war with my colleagues in the GOP, and I just have to ask myself, when will we finally stand up for American Christian values and take our country back from the radical-left agenda that is trying to eliminate the white Christian race? 

The American people will not forget this attack on the home of President Trump. They see what Joe Biden is doing to our country and are angry about it. They know that America is decided by elections, not by trying to murder your political opponents like this is Communist China, the Soviet Union, or the Nazis. 

To all of those involved, know that we are coming for you. There is a reason the Constitution says the right to bare arms SHALE NOT BE INFRINGED. This will NOT be tolerated!!! When we gain control, you WILL be persecuted and executed for your crimes!! 

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