Men Are Being Priced Out Of Second Families

The American Capitalist, Imperialist, Empire has effectively killed the middle class. As of today, fewer people in the United States cannot afford to start a family.

And for those young couples still rebellious enough to defy God and have children are having fewer than ever before. But, nobody has suffered more from the weight of lower wages, less frequent pay raises, and non-exist union representation than men.

After World War II, men were thriving along with the nuclear family. On a single wage alone, men could afford as many as one, two, or three other families. Each with 7-25 children apiece.

Today, men and women together can barely afford one family. Leaving men stranded and bored at home with the same wife and kids at night contributes to the recent increase in divorce rates. When asked, men have described living life with one family as “a persistent hell of their own creation.”

As a solution, we propose increasing wages nationwide. Doing so would create a more stable nation by giving more men the ability to escape to other cities and states. Setting up satellite branches of his nut. Also, it would be better for the economy.

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