Tennessee Governor Bill Lee is Actually A Drag Icon

In this stifling political climate, Bill Lee, governor of Tennessee, has signed numerous bills that seek to place bans on drag queens in Tennessee. The impact of these bills is major for the LGBTQ+ community– beyond limiting drag performances, the bill ultimately targets and criminalizes transness within the state. 

However, the story runs deeper. While Bill Lee looks like every other straight, white, dusty, old legislator that’s ever emerged from Tennessee… he has a bit of a scandalously sexy secret.

Despite his political actions, Bill Lee is actually a drag superstar himself. 

See here: Bill Lee in high school, werqing a lewk no Republican would’ve ever expected.

When questioned about this photograph, Bill denies that this was drag, probably because the drag wasn’t up to his current standards. With a visible tuck and insufficient padding, Michelle Visage would’ve torn this drag queen to shreds for lack of body-ody-ody. 

With a chic mini dress and fashionable pearls, Bill Lee (also known by his drag name Bill Lee Delicious) is a token of camp in these radical times. What’s more of a hilarious slay than passing ironic bills? 

Additionally, Bill Lee’s Twitter feed is full of praising men serving our country. Constantly in full salute for the brave hunks overs seas. They werq it and serve it on the daily, and Bill Lee is totally obsessed. We get it, Bill! They’re sexy! 

But it won’t make us lose sight of what’s important. 

This summer, as the political climate continues to heat up in Tennessee and across the country remember to take everything with a grain of salt. While these bills seem homophobic and terrifying to the blind eye, we all know what Bill Lee and other politicians like him are really doing: setting themselves up for the ultimate drag reveal of all time! 

Let the governor have his art. Drag is about politics, and Bill Lee is absolutely nailing it. Werq it, Ms. Delicious!  

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