Field Trip Update: Black Student Shot By White Student In Minor Incident

Dear Parents,

 As you may all be aware, last week we had a field trip to Exchange City (an educational roleplaying center where children get the chance to run an imaginary town set in a warehouse). The field trip went exceptionally well! We did, however, have one little hiccup. A white first grader who was chosen to be a cop at exchange accidentally fired off 13 shots at an unarmed black second grader sending him to the hospital.

 We here at Binks Landings Elementary have investigated this matter in conjunction with the PTA and have found that no wrongdoing occurred during his 3.5 hr shift as and ECPD officer, but while we further investigate the matter, he will be placed on temporary leave of absence (2 days in-school suspension) and will not be allowed to have seconds at the end of the year pizza party.

 First-hand reports confirm the first grader saw the suspect “breaking into to multiple businesses in the Exchange City area”, before confronting the second grader in an altercation that resulted in the firing of 13 rounds striking the second grader twice in the leg and a parent chaperone eleven times point blank in the head resulting in her death. It was later confirmed the second grader was just delivering the mail.

 The second grader is facing expulsion after using “the S word” after the being stuck in the leg by the two bullets.

Binks Landings Elementary school is partnering up with Exchange City to make sure this profanity is never used at school events, again. In response, we will be implementing a ZERO TOLERANCE policy for profanity beginning immediately.

Also, next month is our annual bake sale! Be sure to check in with Debra Weinstein in room 127 if you’d like to bake goods for the fundraiser!

Stay wise! And GO Colonists!

Diana Baker

Principal, Binks Landings Elementary

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